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Corporate Ethics

Establishing standards of ethical conduct

Since our company was founded in 1949, our customers' trust has been the asset underlying our growth and development.
OG Wellness's Standards of Ethical Conduct allow all stakeholders in our business operations to understand what we aspire to, value and abide by. These standards serve as a basis for our stakeholders to judge us by, and act accordingly.


In order to continue our corporate growth and expansion, we must maintain our status as a trusted and respected contributor to our customers and to society as a whole.
To that end, we consider it our mission to maintain a higher level of corporate ethics than simply complying with regulations and engaging in sincere business practices.

OG Giken Co., Ltd. President & Representative DirectorHiroshi Okuda

Standards of Ethical Conduct

  • Part1
  • Part2
  • Part3
  • Part4
  • Part5
  • Part6

Part 1.With respect to our customers

We prioritize safety and effectiveness, and provide products and services that exceed expectations.

Prioritizing safety and effectiveness
By thoroughly applying standards such as ISO 13485/9001 to our business operations and strictly adhering to Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law & Product Liability Act, we provide our customers with products that they can trust to be extremely safe, effective, high quality equipment.
Striving to provide outstanding products
We push ourselves to develop, manufacture and market products that exceed customers' expectations by focusing on even the smallest details of quality, performance and appearance. In doing so, we strive to build our brand value by continuing to provide products that our customers will share our pride in.
Striving to provide outstanding service
We provide service that exceeds customers' expectations in every situation, from proposing solutions to customers' needs to post-purchase customer support.

We believe that we must always act in a way that merits our customers' trust.

Sincere response
We aspire to be a company that earns customers' trust by always maintaining a sincere attitude in all interactions.
Valuing customer feedback
We listen carefully to our customers' feedback and utilize it to continually improve our products and services. If by some chance we receive a product or service complaint, we resolve it promptly and decisively.
Fair and legitimate conduct
Each of us is aware that we represent the company, and we conduct ourselves based on the medical devices industry's prevailing laws for sales and marketing of medical devices.
Handling customers' personal information
We acquire, maintain and use personal information appropriately and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Part 2.With respect to our employees

We approach our jobs with a spirit of cooperation, creating together as a team.

With originality and passion as the foundation for our actions, we approach our jobs with a strong sense of teamwork.
Developing skills and expertise
We take the initiative for our own professional development and strive for ongoing growth.

We conduct ourselves with integrity, in good conscience.

Acting with integrity
We believe we must always act with integrity, consider the appropriateness of our actions, and be sensible members of society.
Handling of confidential information
We handle corporate information and information acquired through the performance of our duties appropriately. Such information is never released to third parties or used for any purpose outside of the performance of our duties.
Professionalism and integrity
We put the public interest before our own, and do not engage in any actions that could damage our company's reputation or financial standing.
Abolishing the practice of ritual gift-giving
We do not engage in the obligatory exchange of gifts between executives and employees.

We respect each other's human rights.

Respect for privacy
We respect each other's privacy and pay attention to even the smallest detail in the handling of personal information.
Discrimination is forbidden
We do not engage in any form of harassment, including discrimination on the basis of nationality, religion, gender, social status, family lineage, disability, disease or age, nor in sexual harassment, verbal abuse or abuse of power.

Part 3.With respect to our suppliers and business partners

We aspire to cooperate with our business partners on the of basis of sound transactions.

We work hard to maintain trust and partnerships, and to engage in proper transactions with our business partners on equal footing.
From an impartial viewpoint
We impartially compare and evaluate various criteria to choose the most appropriate parties with whom to conduct business. We only enter into transactions upon reaching a thorough, mutual understanding, then signing a contract with the other party. We then fulfill the contract in good faith. Furthermore, we do not accept or provide gifts or entertainment that would arouse suspicion as to the propriety of transactions we engage in.
Based on mutual trust
We proactively engage in the mutually beneficial sharing of information. We respect the confidentiality of the information, knowledge and intellectual property we obtain in the process of conducting transactions with our business partners, and handle it appropriately.

Part 4.With respect to the developing industry that we operate in

We contribute to the healthy development of the industry by setting an example of fair competition.

Following industry protocols
We cultivate a strong market and distribution environment for the medical device industry by following its fair competition conventions.
Prohibition of slander
We do not slander, libel or make false or misleading statements about our industry competitors.
The prohibition of illegally obtaining information
The information we use in our corporate operations is obtained properly and handled carefully.
Respecting intellectual property rights
We respect the patents and trademarks held by other companies.

Part 5.With respect to society

We make a contribution to society by conducting our corporate affairs soundly and being a good corporate citizen.

Contributing to the medical, healthcare and elderly care fields
We aspire to contribute to the medical, health and elderly care fields by providing safe and superior products and services to help people lead healthier lives.
Regulatory compliance
In order to contribute to and be in harmony with society, we engage in sound business practices that comply not only with all laws and regulations relevant to our domestic and international business operations, but also with our own corporate ethics and society's normal business practices.
Harmony with the local community
We aspire to endear ourselves to the local communities around our offices, respecting the local culture and customs and achieving mutual understanding and harmony by actively participating in regional events and sharing information about our company.
Criminal organizations and their members
Our entire company firmly rejects any engagement or association with organizations that pose a threat to a safe and orderly society, and with their members and interests.

We conduct our corporate activities in harmony with the environment.

We strive to make environmentally conscious products.
We consider environmental conservation to be an important challenge for management, and aspire to develop products with minimal burden on the environment.
Recycling and reduction of waste
We comply with environmental regulations, not only handling waste disposal appropriately but also making efforts to recycle and reduce waste. Each of us is dedicated to raising our environmental awareness and going about our business in an environmentally friendly way.

Part 6.Systematic implementation of our standards of ethical conduct

People in charge of corporate ethics

OG Wellness appoints people to be responsible for corporate ethics and efforts to promote adoption of our corporate ethics throughout the entire company.

Corporate Ethics Committee

We've established a corporate ethics committee comprised of our President, directors and the head of each department. The committee's role is as follows:
  1. Planning, proposing and promoting efforts to increase the permeation of our standards of ethical behavior throughout OG Wellness.
  2. Consulting with employees about ethical concerns and taking appropriate measures.
  3. Reconsidering and revising OG's corporate code of ethical standards as necessary.

Ethics department

The appointed corporate ethics committee's administrative office and education, training and OG Wellness Standards for Ethical Behavior

Contact person for consultations about ethical issues

OG Wellness has established a contact person to accept reports and consultations regarding the standards for ethical conduct.