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Corporate History

1949 OG Electric Medical Equipment Research Institute is founded by the late Chairman Iwao Okuda.
1950 OG completes development of its first product, a low-frequency electrotherapy device, and introduces it to the medical devices market.
1965 OG develops the prototype for Japan's first motorized intermittent traction device, in collaboration with Professor Kodama from Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, and acquires the patent and utility model rights.
1966 OG GIKEN Co., Ltd. is established. Micro Thermy ME-40 microwave therapy device is released.
1967 Rapid economic growth leads to the popularization of automobiles and a dramatic increase in the number of car accidents. The emergence of whiplash as a societal health problem provides a tailwind for the spread of traction equipment throughout Japan. OG develops Japan's first motorized intermittent traction device, "Ortho Trac OL-80."
1973 Using the success we achieved with physiotherapy products such as our traction devices as a springboard, OG starts down the path to become a manufacturer of a comprehensive array of rehabilitation equipment.
1978 Striving to extend our expansion beyond the rehabilitation field and make a full-scale entry into the specialty bathing products market, OG completes development of the Liftline Bath HK-101.
1991 OG develops the Chair-In Bath HK-80, allowing users to bathe while sitting in a wheelchair. Meeting customers' needs, it becomes a hit product.
1999 OG develops the Walk-Through Bath System HK-225/226, significantly reducing the burden on caregivers.
2000 OG develops the Caesas Hydra massage waterbed.
2002 Construction of our new corporate headquarters is completed. Mr. Hiroshi Okuda is appointed Managing Director.
2007 OG develops Volante HK-770, a compact, private bathtub for users who require limited care. Volante is very well-received by various types of medical and elderly care facilities.
2008 OG develops the PAS System, a revolutionary low-frequency electrotherapy device that makes the rehabilitation of post-stroke patients possible.
2010 OG releases Orthrotrac Lasedia OL-6500, a motorized intermittent traction unit that therapists can use for both cervical and lumbar traction.
2012 OG releases Physious FS-350, an electrostimulator that therapists can use for both low-frequency electrotherapy and interferential current therapy.
2015 OG establishes the new brand “OG Wellness” and adopts the new company name “OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd.” for regions where an English name is used.