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What is IVES?


Message from CEO

President Hiroshi Okuda

President and Representative Director

Hiroshi Okuda

With the mission of realizing a lifelong active society, we continue to take on the challenge of supporting rehabilitation without being bound by conventional frameworks.

Founded in 1949, OG Wellness celebrated its 70th anniversary as a manufacturer of wellness creation, focusing on "physical therapy equipment," "rehabilitation equipment," and "nursing care bathing equipment”.
The environment surrounding health care is changing and evolving on a daily basis. Against the backdrop of advances in medical technology and other factors, Japan is promoting the concept of "the realization of a society in which everyone can remain active and energetic for a longer period of time," and the elderly are expected to play a more active role in an aging society. In addition, reform of working practices in Japan calls for "balancing work and medical treatment”, and we are moving toward a society where people can work while undergoing treatment. As a result, there are high expectations for the medical, rehabilitation, and care industries, and “rehabilitation” in particular is beginning to play an increasingly important role as a business that can support and contribute greatly to a society where people are active throughout their lives.
And we will actively apply the technological capabilities we have cultivated as a leader in the health and medical equipment market in Japan, where the population is aging rapidly. And we transfer it to overseas markets where the aging society is approaching. To this end, we believe that it is essential to work with partner companies who can share the same value and aspirations, and we are eager to build strong trust with our distributors.

“Japan can produce world-class medical equipment.”

With the passion of founder, Iwao Okuda, "Japan should be able to produce world-class medical equipment", OG Electric Medical Equipment Laboratory, the predecessor of OG Giken, was established in 1949.
In 1966, OG Giken Corporation was established, and in 2015, under the brand "OG Wellness," the company began the challenge of realizing a society where people are active throughout their lives.
We deliver our products and services through an integrated system of R&D, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance, and are committed to manufacturing that meets the needs of our customers.

For everyone's
"Wellness and Smiles Beyond."

As a comprehensive manufacturer of medical, nursing, and rehabilitation equipment, our goal is to realize a society where people are active throughout their lives. As the aging of the population is no longer just a problem for Japan, we continue to make efforts and take on challenges so that our customers around the world can spend their days lively with smiles with our products.

Technology first

In 1950, OG Giken's first product, a low-frequency treatment device, was born. Later, in the era of motorization, we launched Japan's first "electric intermittent traction therapy device" as a treatment device for whiplash. The Chair-in-Bath, which was developed in conjunction with the arrival of an aging society, has attracted attention from the public as an innovative bathing device that allows people to take a bath while in a wheelchair. The reason we have been able to create products that are in tune with the changing times is because our founder, Iwao Okuda, a former engineer, values his passion for manufacturing. By advocating "Technology First" as our management philosophy, we pass this idea on to our employees.

Technology first